Until the end of June 2022, our family lived in Mariupol. Our city and we survived the fighting and decided to leave. I don’t want to tell you what we experienced together, but the most important thing is that we are alive, our family and our animals are with us.

Now we live in Finland, the city of Riihimäki. The photo shows our first hour in Helsinki, we got off the ferry and are going to register the animals.

To read your cat’s pedigree correctly

To correctly read the pedigree of your cat and to imagine its ancestors, you need to know how it is customary to designate the breed and color of the cat.

Elementary rules for the genetics of cats

1. Two long-haired parents cannot produce a short-haired kitten. Only the parental colors determine the color of the kitten.

Maine Coon Myths

The first and most important myth is that Maine Coon cats weigh about 15-20 kilograms. Indeed, it would seem that with such an impressive appearance, these cats can weigh under 30 kilograms.

My channel

On March 20, a local TV Sigma station filmed a story about me. This is part of my life – taking care of cats, my family, my work and Hobbies.

Our cattery is looking forward to a small silver ticked turtle from the cattery near Moscow Elena Lakshina in October 2020, the kitten’s parents can be seen at the link

Our girl (in reserve) is called Nicole Mos Lakshestar, she is now a month and a half, but charisma and a wonderful type are already quite visible. We will follow its development)))

Due to the fact that the first club, which I joined in 2017, moved to another system, our cattery received re-registration in the WOC system.

To date, our cattery consists of two feline systems-WCF and WOC.

We have interesting news!

It will be especially interesting for US citizens. In February, our cattery got the opportunity and signed a contract with budding breeders in Chicago. They became members of the club “Uslada” (WOC System, Zaporozhye, Ukraine). Our club became a mentor, and a graduate of the co-ownership-Calypso Argento Pride-the founder of the American “branch”. At the beginning of February, kittens were born in the cattery, and we created a Facebook page for them. Go ahead follow the link

Also in February, kittens were born from the second cat of the cattery. All the news is there. Join us!

Breeder in the USA-Elena Vilinetskaya

News about a part of our nursery in the USA, where I am currently a mentor.

In February, two cats of the kennel on the 1st and 15th of the day, kittens were born.

The litters were given the letters A and P.

Some kittens have found their new wonderful families as pets.

Some of the kittens were left as future producers.

For more information, see the cattery page