Maine Coon Myths

The first and most important myth is that Maine Coon cats weigh about 15-20 kilograms. Indeed, it would seem that with such an impressive appearance, these cats can weigh under 30 kilograms. But this is far from the case! Adult cats of this breed very rarely reach even 9.5 kilograms of live weight, and here we are talking about 15. On average, Maine Coon weigh about 6.5-8 kilograms, and this is completely normal, this is a healthy weight for these cats. Yes, Maine Coon is considered the largest cat in the world. However, here the whole snag is not in their weight, but in their physical size, dimensions. Even with a large size, cats do not weigh so much. Maine Coons have very powerful bones, very fluffy hair and a huge tail. Because of this, the cat looks very massive. When a kitten says to you that it will weigh 15 kilograms, don’t believe it! A competent planner will not say this.

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